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Russian Mail Order Brides: why are they so popular?

Nowadays everyone can order almost anything (or anyone!) through the Internet. If men want to order a wife, they can use the services of many dating websites and choose a girl whatever they want, because there are so many different ladies, who are looking for a happy life.

However, from all the searching requests related to the dating services the most popular one is “Russian mail order bride”. Slavic girls are well-known for their pretty faces and perfect-looking bodies. But everyone knows that it is not enough to conquer the heart of a boy. So, what are the specific features of this beautiful nations that make men from the whole world dream about Russian wife or girlfriend?

Facts about Russian ladies

Russian are often associated with a common phrase “a great Russian soul”, but that is the minority of what Russia can boast about its people. Let’s look through the most wonderful traits of Russian singles.

Active. Russian women are very adventurous and like to always create something new. They can easily plan a new trip since they do not like the same routine every day. They are open for new places and knowledges, that is why this is a perfect feature as for a wife. You will never get bored with such girl and your life will be turned upside down with her.

Friendly. Russian wives are good at welcoming guests in their houses as well as being great housewives. Maybe it is not even the main criterium when choosing a girlfriend, but this trait will improve your co-living.

Trustworthy. Russian girl always knows what she is responsible for. And she always be like “a man of a word”. She takes only overthought decisions and usually knows what the consequences of her actions are. Starting up a new family is probably the most important phase of her life, that is why her husband can be sure that she takes everything seriously and is not going to “play” with him.

Gorgeous. Did you know that according to scientific research Slavic girls are the most beautiful of the all peoples in the world? And the reason is not only that it is gift of nature, but also it is a big part of a self-care. These girls always try to look like superstars, impressing everyone around them. Unlike Eastern girls, who just want to dress in comfortable way, Russian women will prefer to wear the best things of their wardrobe and a little bit makeup, which underlines their charm. Walking through the city with a girl like that, you will look the richest man in the world.

Family first. Slavic women find a family the most important thing in their lives. Though they may contribute years in brilliant careers, they easily can give up on it in the name of a family and love. From the very childhood they were taught to be warm and caring wives and mothers and these two roles are the sense of their lives. However, if they want to, they will easily keep on working at themselves, building up their careers, keeping work-life balance. Flexibility is their second name.

They are loving! They can give away everything for your sake. They will always be by your side, supporting you in every situation, which may arise. You will feel like you have never been loved so strongly and committedly. But don’t forget to give your love back to her, because Russian girls don’t like to be the only one who supports relationships!

What is the reason for Slavic girls to become mail order brides?

You may say that since these girls are so perfect, why don’t they simply choose one of their co-citizens? Why do Slavic girls so often have recourse to the dating sites? Here is the answer. In both Ukraine and Russia there is much bigger share of women than men and therefore women simply do not have enough men in their countries to marry with.

One more reason is very similar to one that you yourself have! They just want to widen their sight, meeting new people from a different country. They know that their life will become much greater with such experience. You will be always sharing with one another interesting things about your nations and lives before you met each other. We promise that you will never get bored with such an interesting girl.

Here is one more reason, which is less obvious that the previous ones. Russia is the country, where you can still stumble on some kind of a pressure in families and beyond. Women simply want to obtain some freedom and live in more democratic environment. Very often parents can force their children to marry just as they turn 18. Not all girls want to live such a life and they start looking for something else.

Slavic girls more and more often want to follow the Western way of life, being more independent in their choices.

Is that true?

We have already described things that help Russians to outstand amongst other nations. But there are some wrong “legends”, which untruly describe Russians. Let’s go through the most common ones.

They only want your money and property. There is a stereotype that Russian women often want just to steal your money. This is not true. Of course, we do not say that every girl is an angel, but if you think that every of them wants your money – why communicating through dating websites? The thing is that the economic situation in Russia is much worse than in the USA and Western Europe, but that doesn’t mean that Russian women only want to become rich with men from richer countries. Just try to be attentive to every detail and you will distinguish sincere intentions from insincere. But we assure you, that this is only the stereotype and Russian girls can love as nobody else in this world!

It doesn’t matter who to marry with. No. It does matter. As we have put it before, Russian girls take building the family very seriously and they want to have a decent husband, who fits their character and their needs. The myth about their readiness to marry anyone is just a myth.

They are stupid. And that’s also just a myth. Many people think that Russian women are undereducated because of living in bad conditions and having the only goal in their life – to marry someone. Maybe there are some exceptions and such cases really exist (but do not only in Russia and Ukraine). Slavic girls are very ambitious and almost all of them usually get a degree or even two. They have clear purposes in their lives and among them is not only to marry someone. They are submissive. This is false. Slavic girls want to have a partner, but not the owner. Like every other girl in the world, they dream about reliable and loving men, who will support them throughout all their life. They will never let anyone else offend themselves due to their strong nature.

They cheat on their partners. Why would a girl look for someone on a dating site and then cheat on them? Why would she need a relationship and family? This even does not add up to the facts that we have already described above. We all know, that there might be partners, who cheat on their loved ones, but it doesn’t depend on the nationality where they come from. If you want to have a loyal and loving girl – be attentive and careful when dating with them. And remember that any of the bad traits you have heard about girls have no relation to their nationality.

Where can I find a Russian bride?

So, if you have finally decided that you want a Russian lady for a wife, you have to know where to look for her. Luckily, the job is done for you, and we present a line of famous and checked websites to start your relationship. Each of them has been examined and reviewed, so it is trustworthy. Check them out, see which one is the most comfortable for you and start your romantic adventure!

Valentime is an automated pairing platform that aims to establish new relationships between members around the world in search of the right kind of partners. A great meeting opportunity for singles all over the globe, offers a love photo with live chat, direct connections and the possibility of a romance. has more than ten years of experience and focuses on bringing happiness to singles all over the world. The high standard of appointments offered by is full of exciting members, communication features and more. Meeting someone through the miles can be very romantic, and brings a lot to the table to help members make this experience more attractive.

JollyRomance is a premium dating platform with an international focus. The company’s goal is to provide singles from the Eastern Europe with an affordable opportunity to meet and date online. So they could develop a romantic relationship and fall in love. The website provides women from different countries with a chance to meet and build a lasting relationship that everyone is dreaming about. JollyRomance dating site has already successfully connected thousands of single women and men of different ages coming from different countries but having the same goal – finding a soul mate.


First of all, it is important to state that UkrainianCharm is an online dating platform that has been on the market for more than ten years. During these years, the website has helped thousands of people all over the world find their true love. A lot of people come here to build happy and healthy relationships, and UkrainianCharm is ready to help.

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